Yonkers Police Warn of Bears in Community – NBC New York

Bear sightings are stirring up a scare in part of New York on Halloween after neighbors caught the animal on video.

Officials in Yonkers issued warnings on Monday hours before kids and teens were expected to start hitting neighborhood houses to trick-or-treat.

Police received reports of a sighting in the Lawrence Park neighborhood, in the area of ​​Essex Place and Rockledge Road. The bear was not aggressive and did not exhibit any threatening behavior, but police say out of an abundance of caution they sent out the alert.

The bear has not been captured and is still believed to be in the area. The state stresses that bears are more likely afraid of humans and never approach or attempt to touch a bear. Also make loud noises in case a bear won’t leave.

News of the sightings hasn’t seemed to deter too many avid Halloween fans.

“Just to keep your eyes open and your kids close to you. It’s really as much as you can do,” Lona Torres said. The family, taking all in stride, were out Monday evening taking in the time honored tradition.

“I saw the video today — there’s a bear running around by Sara Lawrence College, so I thought I would dress up in the scariest costume I could find,” Mike Torres said, dressed in a unicorn suit.

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