Woman Tied Up, Held At Gunpoint Inside Bayside Home – NBC New York

Police are searching for a pair of thieves who allegedly terrorized a woman inside her own Queens home, tying her up and even holding her at gunpoint in a terrifying home invasion.

The house on 34th Avenue in Bayside was guarded by police Thursday night as detectives looked for evidence inside the home where investigators said the dastardly duo broke in just before 1 pm

“[They] went down the driveway, went into her back door. She was sitting at the table, they demanded money and they duct taped her around her head and her hands,” said Willie Hamilton, who lives next door.

Hamilton said he’s been trying to help police with security video but it’s unclear if it shows anything useful. The woman managed to get away largely uninjured, suffering minor wounds where her wrists were tied.

Police haven’t said what the burglars stole or if the house was targeted. Neighbors say the husband and wife immigrated from Greece decades ago and run a Greek food cart — a cash business, which may have made them a target.

“You come here to work hard, and you can suddenly have everything taken from you,” said family friend Vincent Kavallieratos. “I wanna tell everyone to lock your doors, get cameras, alarms.”

No arrests have yet been made. An investigation is ongoing.

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