Woman Escapes Attempted Abduction in NJ Woods – NBC New York

Police are searching for a man who they said tried to kidnap a woman along a New Jersey trail and drag her into the woods, before she was able to escape the terrifying attack.

Lakewood police said it was around 1 pm Tuesday when the victim was walking by herself on North Lake Drive when the suspect, a stranger came up behind her. The man grabbed the 55-year-olld woman, tried to cover her mouth and then bring her into a wooded trail, according to police.

The victim fortunately was able to break free, and called 911. Police are now patrolling the neighborhood, lookin for the man responsible for the chilling attack.

Those who live in the area said it’s unusual for such an incident to occur in the community, but the area where the attempted abduction occurred has many alleys and hidden trails in the woods near the lake.

Idalia Ramirez said that she usually walks along a hiking trail near Lake Carasalio with her children, but after Tuesday’s incident, she’s worried about safety.

“I always try to carry a stick or a branch to defend myself. You don’t know if this man is deranged or dangerous,” she said in Spanish. “I only wish it was me — I would have made him pay for putting his hands on me.”

Police did not share any information regarding the attacker, including a description. Law enforcement is asking anyone with information on the incident to come forward.

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