When Will It Snow? NYC Weather to Expect Today, Tomorrow – NBC New York

At least there’s one rollercoaster open year-round.

The New York area is bracing for a blast of the wintriest weather it has seen yet in the 2022-23 season, though, that’s not saying much, of course, given the record-breaking daily heat that just “scorched” some spots a week ago.

Expect a chilly day Monday with highs capping out below 50 degrees, though sunny skies will make it feel a bit more tolerable out there. Temperatures dip to near-freezing overnight into Tuesday, which should be cold and cloudy.

Wednesday brings the chance for some showers and/or snow and/or a wintry mix, depending on where you live and how temperatures end up. Higher elevation areas and ones that see cold temps are more likely to see some white stuff stick, but no significant accumulation — or really, measurable accumulation at all — is expected with this system.

Sullivan, Ulster and Orange counties in New York might see a wintry mix early Wednesday, so commuters are advised to take extra precautions on the roads and rails. It could be slippery early. Some in those counties saw a couple of surprise snowflakes fall Sunday – – a weak, if not highly-anticipated first “snowfall.” Wednesday won’t bring much either.

But we also won’t be going back to those 70-degree November Saturdays. Temperatures in Manhattan are expected to stay below 50 degrees until Thanksgiving, at least.

Track any approaching precipitation using our interactive radar below.

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