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Today is Monday, October 10, 2022, but it’s also a lot of other things as well – and you could be forgiven for not knowing all the various days and what they mean.

Multiple major holidays like Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Columbus Day and the Jewish holiday Sukkot all fall on Oct. 10 this year, with a variety of impacts on schools, offices, banks and the like.

What Is Indigenous Peoples’ Day?

First formally recognized as a national holiday by Pres. Joe Biden in 2021, Indigenous Peoples’ Day is marked on the second Monday in October.

The holiday is meant to celebrate the Native American people and their culture — and is seen by some as a replacement for Columbus Day, which is also observed on the same date.

“On Indigenous Peoples’ Day, we celebrate indigenous history and our new beginning together, honoring Native Americans for shaping the contours of this country since time immemorial,” Biden wrote in his 2022 holiday proclamation.

Some states now recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day as a holiday, though Columbus Day is the federal holiday.

Up to one million people were expected to line the parade route in Manhattan.

When Is Columbus Day?

Columbus Day is the same day as Indigenous Peoples’ Day, and in some places Columbus Day remains the observed holiday.

It is a federal bank holiday, and so most banks and their branches are closed Monday.

The Columbus Day Parade NYC route remains one of the most iconic in the country. Click here for the route map.

What Jewish Holiday Is Today?

Monday also happens to be the first day of observance for this year’s Sukkot, a major Jewish holiday.

Named for the simple huts used to observe the celebration, Sukkot is a week-long harvest festival.

During that time those observing will eat meals in the huts and even sleep in them if possible.

What Is Closed Today? What Is Open Today?

Banks are closed today but the stock market is open.

The US Post Office is closed.

In New York City, schools are closed for what is labeled “Italian Heritage / Indigenous Peoples’ Day.”

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