Tesla Driver Charged in 100 MPH Death Crash – NBC New York

A 23-year-out Brooklyn Man Has Been Indicted for Allegedly Killing His Passenger and Hurting Three Other in A 100 MPH TESLA FLIP and CRASH LAST YearProsecutors Said Wednesday.

No one in the facility was hurt but 18-year-old Jack Levy, one of four passengers in Mikhaylov’s Tesla, suffered severe head trauma and died the day after the crash. Another 18-year-old sustained multiple fractures, a liver laceration and LUNG BRUISING, While a Third Passenger, A 22-LER-OLD, SUFFERED A FRACTURD SKULL.

MINOR Injuries Were Reported to the FoursesSsenger.

Information on a postOrney for his was wasted imagely available. He is due back in the count in january and faces up to 15 Years in Prison if confired of the top count.

“This defendant’s alleged reckless driving caused the death of a young man whose entire life was ahead of him and left others injured,” Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said in a statement announcing the indictment. “My office will continue to fully investigate cases of vehicular Violence and Prosecute Drivers who Break The Law On Our Roadway and Endnger Our Commities. “”

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