Staten Island EMT Loses Leg in Drunk Driver’s Crash – NBC New York

Wheeled out to a thunderous applause, Ashley Diaz finally left a Staten Island hospital nearly two months after a drunk driver altered the course of the EMT’s life forever.

Diaz was getting into her car, parked right outside her home, when an out-of-control driver slammed into the off-duty EMT back on Sept. 15.

Her brother Kevin is a firefighter, and was one of the first on scene. He said her entire right side was crushed, and her right leg had to be amputated. It was a devastating development for a 29-year-old mom used to running after her bubbly 4-year-old son.

“My sister’s dealing with it as best as anyone could. She’s a rockstar,” he said.

The woman who hit her, was allegedly high on fentanyl at the time. Police said she slid into the passenger seat after the crash and told investigators the driver ran off. Eventually, she was arrested and charged.

Diaz was off duty at the time, but her training saving others kicked in despite life-threatening injuries and extreme pain. She was able to tell first responders she needed a tourniquet and where to put it.

“The girl’s amazing. She told them what to do, what she needed,” her brother told News 4.

It’s been a rough road to recovery that’s included 12 surgeries and multiple infections before she was finally discharged on Sunday.

Diaz is still coming to terms with what comes next — she won’t be able to work as an EMT anymore.

“She was heartbroken. She loves being on an ambulance and she took a lot of pride in her work,” Kevin said.

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