Staten Island Ambulance Crash Sends 5 to Hospital – NBC New York

An ambulance on its way to the hospital was T-boned Friday morning, injuring three EMS members and their patient — a woman hurt in an earlier crash — when the transport vehicle flipped onto its side, police said.

Investigators said the ambulance was T-boned on Staten Island, only a handful of blocks from where the first responders picked up the injured pedestrian. Police said the woman had been struck by the driver of a Dodge Charger.

Around 6:30 am, the ambulance had made it to Jewett Avenue and Maine Avenue when it was struck by a Jeep.

Everyone inside the ambulance when it toppled over was rushed to the hospital, as well as the driver of the Jeep, police said. The EMS members were said to be in serious condition, but expected to recover.

The woman riding in the back of the ambulance, hurt from the earlier car crash, was said to be in critical condition and it was unclear if she would survive her injuries, according to police.

The investigation into the T-bone crash is ongoing.

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