Philly ‘Chicken Man’ Eats 40th Rotisserie Chicken As City Cheers Him On – NBC New York

The Phillies and the Union may have lost over the weekendbut Philadelphia still found a victory through a man and his devotion to rotisserie chicken.

The man, deemed “The Chicken Man,” became a viral sensation that had a whole lot of people showing up to an abandoned pier in South Philadelphia.

It all started when someone took a picture of a flyer posted in South Philly of a man named Alexander Tominsky inviting people to watch him eat an entire rotisserie chicken in one sitting.

Tominsky said he’s been eating a rotisserie chicken every day for the last 39 days, even documenting a part of his journey online.

The big event was to mark the 40th chicken.

There was some doubt about the event, if it was real, and if anyone would show up. But videos circulating on social media showed dozens of people watching Tominsky.

You can’t say Philly doesn’t support its heroes.

Folks cheered him on as the “chicken man” took the last bite with Bruce Springsteen’s “Streets of Philadelphia” playing in the background.

Tominsky later thanked the people for coming out.

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