NYS Thruway Accident Leads to 20-Car Pileup in Westchester County – NBC New York

A leaky tractor-trailer was to blame for a 23-vehicle pileup on I-95 in Westchester County early Wednesday, creating massive traffic backlogs at the height of the morning rush that likely made thousands late, New York State Police say.

Troopers responding to reports of several multi-vehicle crashes on I-95 north in New Rochelle around 6:45 am encountered a wild scene. Twenty-one passenger cars and two tractor-trailers were involved in a series of crashes that stretched over a mile -long span of the highway, thanks to one tractor-trailer that leaked 100 gallons of its load.

It’s not clear what kind of liquid was in the leaky tractor-trailer, but New York State Police say the substance spilled onto the roadway, causing extremely slippery conditions wherever it touched.

A total of seven people were taken to a hospital with minor injuries connected to the series of accidents.

The Thruway was shut down in the area for a time to facilitate cleanup efforts. All lanes reopened just after 9 am

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