NYPD Cautions Midterm ‘Vigilance,’ But Says No Known Threat to NYC Elections – NBC New York

An internal NYPD bulletin stressing “elevated vigilance” for any potential election threats with few days left in the year’s midterm cycle, but made clear that no known threat currently exists against any of New York’s candidates, election workers or polling sites.

That bulletin, reviewed by News 4, warns of the potential danger lurking in online forums and message groups, particularly ones spreading misinformation or lies that could motivate individuals to take “violent action against election-related infrastructure and personnel.”

“In the aftermath of the US Capitol Riot on 6 January 2021, REMVEs (particularly racially and ethnically motivated violent extremists), AGAAVEs (anti-government and anti-authority violent extremists), and malicious actors emphasized potentially threatening actions at the local level, encouraging the intimidation of municipal officials, school board representatives, and election staffers,” the bulletin warned.

Drafted by the department’s intelligence bureau, the bulletin was completed before a man broke into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s California home and attacked her husband with a hammerInvestigators have not yet disclosed a motive in the home invasion.

The bulletin makes specific mention this summer’s attack on one of New York’s gubernatorial candidates, Rep. Lee Zeldin. The Republican was speaking at a campaign stop outside Rochester in July when a man approached the stage wielding a sharp object.

“Given the elevated domestic violent extremism threat landscape throughout the US, uniformed members of the service (UMOS) are advised to maintain heightened situational awareness when deployed citywide in support of the upcoming midterm elections,” the bulletin said.

Polling locations opened up across New York on Saturday for nine days of early voting in the run-up to Election Day.

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