NYC School Aide Ethan Holder Saves Lives Via Organ Donation – NBC New York

The 19-year-old teacher’s aid shot in the head about a block from the elementary school where he had been working saved the lives of six people in four states, including his own, an organ donation group announced Monday.

police said, and the suspect has been charged with murder.

Ethan Holder, a teacher’s assistant at PS 203, took a bullet to the head when cops say a 19-year-old fired at him four times from across the street as he headed home on Avenue M just before 3 pm five days ago. He crawled into a corner deli and collapsed, then was taken to a hospital. Holder died the next day of his injuries.

Then he went on to save others, according to LiveOnNY, a nonprofit, federally designated organ procurement organization. LiveOnNY President & CEO Leonard Achan RN, MA, ANP, confirmed Monday that Holder saved the lives of six people in their 40s through 70s in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Michigan, and called him a “hero.”

“LiveOnNY is humbled and honored to be the stewards of these precious gifts on behalf of Ethan and his family so that he and others may Live On,” Achan’s statement said. “We extend our deepest condolences to his family and friends. Our thoughts and prayers remain with them during this difficult time.”

Police have said they believe Holder was targeted even though no words were exchanged before shots were fired. Another 19-year-old allegedly confessed to the shooting when questioned on the day Holder died.

The Bath Beach resident, who had his right arm in a sling as he was walked out of the police precinct, faces second-degree murder and other gun-related charges in Holder’s death. He didn’t respond to questions from reporters last week.

Holder had just started working at the school in September, neighbors said. He had no criminal record.

NYC Schools Chancellor David Banks released a statement mourning his death last week, saying he was “heartbroken that one of our dedicated employees was senselessly made victim to random gun violence.”

The neighborhood was shaken by the killing.

“You don’t even know what to say anymore. A 19-year-old, working. This one is working. I mean, he was doing the right thing,” said City Councilwoman Mercedes Narcisse.

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