New Details on Roy Johnson’s Weapons, Paul Kutz’s Death – NBC New York

New details have been released in the hotel shooting death of a Long Island father visiting his son at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, including painful and upsetting details of how the innocent victim died.

According to an indictment released Tuesday, as many as 30 shots were fired by alleged killer Roy Johnson, with one of the bullets striking father-of-three Paul Kutz. Prosecutors also said Johnson and Devin Taylor, the second suspect, had more weapons and accessories than previously known.

Johnson entered the lobby of the Marriott cursing and screaming, the indictment read. Prosecutors said he was wearing a black mask and head covering, along with an Army green jacket.

After a brief encounter at the front desk, he allegedly turned and pulled out a Glock handgun and fired. As he did so, Kutz was in the lobby getting coffee when he was shot in the chest. Prosecutors said the bullet tore through his liver, lungs and aorta. He died within minutes.

Johnson allegedly continued firing inside, and then fired 22 shots outside. Police said he left the gun, mask and green jacket he was wearing in the parking lot and was arrested as he re-entered the hotel.

Taylor, who was at the hotel with Johnson, was charged with possessing a ghost gun AR-15 rifle, which had been stored in a guitar case. In room 143, where the pair were staying, prosecutors alleged that police found scopes, rifle parts , flash bangs and bomb manuals. They also said Taylor was found carrying a handgun.

Two men were indicted Friday in connection with the murder of a Long Island father visiting his son in Duchess County last weekend, Jonathan Dienst reports.

The indictment did not say if the suspects had been high on drugs, only that a substance and a pill were found in the room that had rented for two nights — paid for by an associate of Taylor.

Both Johnson and Taylor had criminal records. Johnson was a fugitive, wanted since July on gun and drug charges out of Georgia. Just one month later, officials said he was a suspect in a gang-related killing in the Poughkeepsie area.

However, Johnson was not taken into custody at that time — despite the felony warrant.

The funeral for Kutz was held on Monday. The two suspects are expected to appear in court this week.

Paul Kutz was shot and killed in the lobby of a Poughkeepsie hotel while he was visiting his son at Marist College.

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