NASA to Hold Scary Space Sounds Listen and Answer Questions Session This Halloween – NBC New York

If things on Earth aren’t scary enough for you this Halloween, you can listen to scary sounds from space thanks to NASA.

The US space agency tweeted that they will host a live listen with a question and answer session, titled “NASA’s Scary Sounds of Space,” at 2 pm EST on Halloween, Oct. 31, 2022.

Although it is unclear if NASA will unveil new sounds from space this year, they previously released a soundtrack of spooky audio collected from outer space in 2017. The track list includes “Beware of Jupiter’s Largest Moon Ganymede” and “Voyager: Lightning on Jupiter. ” Here is a the full soundtrack on SoundCloud:

NASA has recorded sounds from space through its various missions using satellites, rovers, space probes and more. And with the agency’s most recent missions going even further into the depths of our universe, it will be exciting to hear what new spooky sounds they have in store for this Halloween.

You can join NASA’s scary space sounds session via Twitter on Halloween, and you can set a reminder by responding to the tweet linked above.

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