Mount Vernon Unsolved Slaying Gets Reward Push – NBC New York

A new reward strategy is being deployed in one New York community in hopes of boosting attention for a father’s unsolved killing at a funeral service last year.

The family of Jeremy Logan renewed their call for justice Monday as officials upped the reward for information leading to the arrest of his shooter. The reward offer — increased to $7,500 — will only be offered through the end of the year.

Logan was a beloved son and father when a gunman shot and killed him in June 2021 while attending the memorial service of a friend.

“It’s very unsettling to know that someone can lose their life for showing love or simply by being the brightest person in the room. My nephew gave more to the community than most of the citizens who get paid to do so,” Logan’s aunt, Chynna Smith-Marte said.

Mount Vernon mayor’s spoke alongside the family to encourage people to speak up for the family and community.

“We hear far too often, ‘oh, the street knows, the streets know.’ But what the streets know and what the streets will say makes the difference between rumor and justice. So if you know, come forward and say,” Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard said.

As the family prepares to celebrate the holidays without Logan this year, they hold onto his legacy: a caring father who made it his mission to bring joy to his neighborhood and loved ones.

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