LaGuardia Airport Website Hit in Overnight Hack Attack, Operations Not Impacted – NBC New York

More than a dozen of the country’s largest airports may have been targeted by Russian hackers, including New York’s LaGuardia Airport.

The Port Authority said the airport’s system was hit overnight, but is back up and running Monday afternoon. Airport operations were never disrupted by the 3 am cyberattack, but the airport’s website suffered intermittent delays for about 15 minutes.

“The Port Authority’s cybersecurity defense system did its job by detecting the incident quickly, addressing the problem in 15 minutes, and enabling us to alert others by notifying federal authorities immediately. There was no operational impact to any Port Authority facilities,” a spokesperson said .

LaGuardia was one of at least 13 air travel websites impacted — among them the sites for airports in Los Angeles and Atlanta, two of the busiest in the country.

The cyberattacks are being blamed on a pro-Russian hacktivist group, Killnet, NBC News reports. Their attacks in the past have knocked websites offline but have never done any lasting damaged.

Last week, the group targeted a handful of websites in the country, and found success disrupting state websites for Colorado and Kentucky.

White House National Cyber ​​Director Chris Inglis said the airports reacted well to Monday’s incidents.

I think that what we’ve seen so far is that the airports have prepared themselves for situations like this, they’re working their way through it. The airplanes continue to run as they should,” Inglis said to CNBC.

Los Angeles International Airport confirmed its website was impacted as well, with no interruptions to operations. The airport notified the FBI and TSA.

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