‘House of the Dragon’ Season One Finale Leaks Online – NBC New York

HBO is aware and “disappointed” after their highly anticipated season one finale to “House of the Dragon” has leaked to the internet.

HBO blames a distribution partner in the “EMEA,” or Europe, Middle East, and Africa, region for the leak. The statement also stated that the series’ tenth episode was only available on illegal torrent sites and that HBO is “aggressively monitoring and pulling these copies from the internet.”

“We’re disappointed that this unlawful action has disrupted the viewing experience for loyal fans of the show, who will get to see a pristine version of the episode when it premieres Sunday on HBO and HBO Max, where it will stream exclusively in 4K, ” the company’s statement read.

Although this is the first leak of “House of the Dragon,” its predecessor series “Game of Thrones” was the victim of several leaks throughout its historic run. “Game of Thrones” ranked as the most pirated show nearly every year of its run and HBO even had to stop sending out advanced screeners to press and industry insiders to prevent episodes from being illegally posted on the internet.

The final episode of season one of “House of the Dragon” premieres this Sunday, Oct. 23, at 9 pm EST on HBO and HBO Max.

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