Freeze, Frost Alerts Issued for Tri-State – NBC New York

If you somehow have avoided it until now, it’s officially time to break out the colder weather gear.

Much of the tri-state is facing an overnight frost or freeze warning going into Wednesday, as temperatures drop into the 20s for some. The coldest conditions will be further north and west of NYC, with parts of Pennsylvania, northwestern New Jersey and further reaches of the Hudson Valley under a freeze warning overnight.

Most of the tri-state will be under a frost advisory, and could see freezing temperatures before sunrise Wednesday. The city, Long Island and areas along the coast will likely avoid the coldest temperatures, but it will still be the coldest since late April for the five boroughs and surrounding areas.

Breaking Down Thursday’s Freeze and Frost Alerts

Wednesday will feature dry conditions with below-normal temperatures, just climbing into the 50s — about 10 degrees colder than expected for mid-October. The good news: Skies will be mostly sunny, with a few scattered clouds in the afternoon.

And even better news, especially for those in parts of New Jersey: By the weekend we could see a few 70-degree temperatures across interior NJ. That means Saturday looks to be perfect weather for Astros-Yankees at the Stadium.

Temperatures will stay above average through the middle of next week, but our sunny days will give way to clouds and a few chances for rain.

10-Day Outlook

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