First Snow Flakes Coming Tuesday Night? – NBC New York

Did we hear that right? Snow in the forecast?

The current snow outlook has the first flakes of the season coming to New York this very week, and just a few days after many in the region broke daily heat records.

But before we see the snow, temperatures have to dip significantly. And that starts Sunday night.

The light rain showers that started the morning are expected to wrap by lunchtime. After that, the skies stay mostly clear to close out the weekend. The sun will come out, but expect temps to stay in the 50s during the day.

Once the sun heads out, the cold will start to settle in — it’ll drop all the way down into the 30s for many in and around the city, the first of the season.

It’s time to start breaking out the heavy coats.

And here’s where we start getting into snow territory.

The overnight temps stay frigid Monday when a freeze watch is in effect for parts of New Jersey, Long Island, and New York City through to the next morning.

Rain moves in Tuesday night and will run into some cold air in the suburbs north and west of the city, meaning a wintry mix is ​​possible for places like Sullivan, Ulster and Orange counties.

Drivers or anyone commuting on the roads should exercise caution Wednesday morning as slippery conditions could be in store for early travelers.

Any fans of the recent heat are in for disappointing news. The extended forecast has nothing but colder temps in store for the region.

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