Fire in Long Island City Today Guts Factory – NBC New York

A monstrous fire devoured a factory in Queens’ Long Island City early Tuesday, spewing thick black smoke into the air as bright orange flames leaped into the pitch-black sky overnight.

The blaze erupted at a commercial laundromat on 30th Street, near Hunters Point Avenue, around 2:30 am and quickly escalated, triggering a fourth alarm — which means more fire companies are called in — a few hours later.

The laundromat is part of a larger industrial complex, and other businesses appeared to be heavily damaged as well.

Roughly 170 firefighters and EMS members responded, officials said. Two firefighters suffered minor injuries but were expected to be OK. The scene was considered a hazmat operation because of chemicals and propane associated with the laundromat, and officials were monitoring the air to ensure there were no related concerns.

Most of the flames were out before 8 am but hot spots were expected to be problematic through the morning, officials said. People with asthma or respiratory health concerns are advised to close their windows in the area.

An investigation into the cause of the blaze is ongoing.

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