Coney Island Shootout Caught on Camera – NBC New York

New video obtained in the aftermath of a deadly shootout in Brooklyn between police and a gunman sheds light on the late-night gun fight.

Police say Jermaine Hickson is the man seen on surveillance video standing on a Coney Island corner Thursday around 10 pm There’s a gun in the man’s right hand, and as a patrol car pulls up and stops, he turns around and starts firing. Officers fire back , striking the gunman who falls to the ground.

“It was all at once, over like 30 shots. Year, I thought it was a war out here,” said Mo Khalil, who works at the deli on the corner of West 37th Street and Neptune Avenue.

Employees inside the deli ran for cover as bullets flew through their windows, food and front door.

A total of six officersd on the spot where the man was firing, Chief of Patrol Jeffrey Maddrey said, and when they approached the man, he “immediately” started shooting at them.

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Bullets fired at police pierced the front windshield of a patrol car.

Police believe Hickson may have been involved in a domestic violence incident with two women before the shootout. Cops initially said Thursday night those two women flagged down nearby officers, letting them know about a man with a gun down the block, at the same time 911 calls came in.

When the man finally stopped shooting, the officers handcuffed him and rendered first aid, but the man died at the scene, the chief said. Three officers were taken to nearby hospitals for tinnitus, police said.

Details including how many shots were fired by the officers and by the suspect were under investigation.

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