Brooklyn Parking Ticket Fight Caught on Camera – NBC New York

Police are looking for a man seen on camera getting in the face of, and then attacking, a uniformed New York City traffic agent who gave him a parking ticket in Brooklyn this week, authorities say.

Surveillance video released by the NYPD shows the traffic agent and a man getting into it on Avenue D around 1 pm Monday. He appears to be yelling, waving his arms and pointing, and the two get in each other’s faces as they argue. It’s not clear what they’re saying, but at one point the driver sticks out his hand and flicks off the agent’s cap.

The traffic agent was not pleased.

The agent marches back up to the man, this time pointing his finger and yelling. Eventually. the two start shoving each other — the driver strikes first — leading to a mid-sidewalk scramble that ultimately lands the traffic cop against a vehicle. The man then got into the vehicle that had been issued the ticket and drove off, cops say.

The vehicle is described as a yellow 2022 Volkswagen GTI with NY License plate# KTV7675.

The traffic agent was taken to a hospital and is expected to be OK. No other details were immediately available.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

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