Brooklyn Man, 66, Fatally Struck After Fall Crossing Street – NBC New York

A 66-year-old man who fell crossing a Brooklyn street Saturday evening was tragically run over by an oncoming car when the man couldn’t get back on his feet, authorities said.

The entire incident was captured on a nearby camera, which caught the man attempting to cross in the middle of the block on 4th Avenue, near 59th Street, in Sunset Park.

Police said Jose Hernandez tripped and fell in the street and was unable to stand back up before an oncoming Nissan Altima struck the man. He was rushed to a hospital but did not survive his injuries.

The driver behind the wheel failed to remain on scene but was tracked down by authorities some time later, NYPD officials said. No charges have been announced and it’s not yet clear if the driver will face any.

Video from a nearby barber shop shows no one came to the man’s assistance in the moments after he fell. He lifts his head but it’s unknown if he cries for help. A figure standing next to a white car parked on the road does not appear to help him out.

Tina Chen owns a liquor store on the street and has known the man for almost two decades. She said Hernandez lives around the corner with his longtime girlfriend, who rushed to the crash site.

“He is a very nice guy, very good guy. He help everybody,” Chen said.

An investigation into the crash is ongoing.

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