Brooklyn Father Charged With Murder in Death of 1-Year-Old Daughter – NBC New York

A father from Brooklyn was arrested on murder charges last week in the death of his 1-year-old daughter, police sources told News 4.

Robert Wright was taken into custody after admitting to detectives that he punched his daughter in the back of the head, delivering what’s believed to be the blow that caused her death.

Law enforcement sources said Wright brought the baby to Brookdale Hospital around 11:30 pm Tuesday suffering from seizures and bleeding at the mouth. It was later determined the blood was caused from the baby biting her tongue during the seizure.

Medical staff found brain bleeding after performing a CT scan and revived her 1-year-old at least once after going into cardiac arrest, the source added. The child was transported to a hospital in Queens for additional treatment the next morning but died before noon .

The city’s medical examiner determined Wright’s daughter suffered blunt force trauma at the front and rear of her brain, and had significant bruising up and down her body, the source said.

Wright and his wife initially told detectives that the baby was put to bed around 10 pm Tuesday but were alerted to her seizing by the girl’s siblings. Pressed in additional interviews, the source said Wright admitted to hitting his daughter with a closed first on the back of the head.

The medical examiner’s office determined the injuries were consistent with the father’s admission.

Wright was arrested on charges of manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, assault and endangering a child. It wasn’t immediately known if he had legal representation.

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