Bronx Shooting Caught on Camera – NBC New York

Newly-released video captures a brazen shootout on a New York City street, one that shattered SUV windows and windshields as bullets flew in broad daylight — and police are asking for help rounding up the suspects.

No injuries were reported in the shooting around 5 pm Friday in the Bronx, according to the NYPD, but the jarring footage is likely to rattle the nerves of New Yorkers already uneasy over gun violence in the city.

The surveillance video released by police shows two SUVs stopped on the right side of Bronx River Avenue. The driver’s side door opens from the one parked behind the other and a person in a black coat gets out.

Shots are fired as a passenger opens the other front door, smashing the left brake light as the driver ducks for cover.
The driver crouches behind the SUV, his back open to the street, and he opens fire, the video shows. The passenger side window ends up blown out, though it’s not clear from whose shots. The back windshield is shot out, too.

It’s not clear what prompted the gunfire, but the NYPD says a group of individuals fired at the men in the blue Jeep when they got out of the vehicle. And both men in the Jeep returned fire, police said.

Anyone with information on the shooting is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

It’s just one of many latest examples of NYC gun violence that have elected officials scrambling for new approaches.

With major felonies up 31%, Mayor Eric Adams convened a weekend crime summit at Gracie Mansion to help move toward long-term solutions. District attorneys from the five boroughs, defense lawyers and top NYPD brass were among those invited to speak with the Democratic mayor over four hours Saturday.

Some of those leaving the session said it was filled with lively discussion and debate, but gave no specifics.

The NYPD is continuing to crack down on violent crime, working to get illegal vehicles used in these crimes off the street, Sarah Wallace reports.

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