Best NYC Lunch Menus and More Revealed in New List – NBC New York

The debate over where to find the best food in New York City is a never-ending exercise bound to make your wallet lighter and your stomach fuller.

It’s nearly impossible to agree on who cooks up the best dish of food in the Big Apple, but that never stops the time-honored tradition of ranking which restaurants serve up the finest dining.

Condé Nast’s Traveler magazine is out with a brand new list of what it calls “The 28 Best Restaurants in New York City

Curious foods will notice this list doesn’t numerically rank the restaurants featured in its top 28, but rather leaves readers with mouth-watering images and enticing descriptions of these fine establishments.

Beloved classics made the list, obviously.

Eateries known far and wide, like the Michelin-starred Le Bernardin and Katz’s Delicatessen, take a couple spots on Traveler’s list.

“Nearly three years after COVID forced the city that never sleeps to dim its lights, New York’s restaurant scene feels like it’s back to its old self,” writer Devra Ferst says.

This collection of restaurants both old and new, some find success despite opening during the pandemic, gives hungry New Yorkers plenty to sink their teeth into.

Find the full list of 28 restaurants here.

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