32 Alleged Members of Rival Gangs Arrested After Terrorizing Brownsville Streets – NBC New York

Police announced a major gang take down they claim is responsible for terrorizing people in and around the Brownsville neighborhood for some time.

The NYPD, along with the Brooklyn district attorney’s office, said Tuesday that 32 alleged members of two rival gangs, accused in 19 shootings, were arrested following a two-year investigation. Among the 14 victims was an innocent 3-year-old girl leaving daycare.

The people arrested were making life uncomfortable and unsafe for the Brownsville community, police and the DA’s office said, responsible for at least four innocent bystanders getting shot and recruiting teens to get involved in a life of crime.

Police took down members of the Wooo and Choo gangs, which have been at war with each other, wreaking havoc in local neighborhoods. Police recovered dozens of weapons, some of which were used in shootings in areas where a lot of people live and work.

“These gangs were shooting at their opposition near high schools, daycare centers and MTA buses,” said NYPD Deputy Chief Jason Savino.

Police describe the gang rivalry as fierce. A map slays out housing developments in the Brownsville area where both gangs control of the streets.

“Dumont Avenue is really the dividing line between these gangs, and that’s where the shootings take place,” said Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez. “They are really a confederacy. They are umbrella organizations composed of several subsets of street-crews and local g “

News 4’s Chief Investigative Reporter Jonathan Dienst reports.

DA Gonzalez said the gangs are behind two murders and 17 additional shootings. Video shows one of the men arrested firing his gun at another man carrying his baby from a daycare to the car — all while families and children were on the sidewalk.

“He then sees a man putting a child into a car seat and there’s another family holding his daughter,” Gonzalez said. “Tragically, the 3-year-old girl in her dad’s hands was struck by a bullet in her body.”

The shooter, Daleek Habersham, faced a judge on Tuesday and was held without bail. He faces a slew of charges including attempted murder, assault and weapon possession. A 23-year-old woman, Princess Chambers, was also arrested and faces the same charges.

News 4’s Jonathan Dienst speaks with US Attorney Damian Williams on the takedown of an organized crime unit, as the prosecutor walked the block where part of that gang operated — to send them a message.

Detectives say gang members are not hiding their actions, but rather are promoting their criminal activity on social media as they flash gang signs and taunt rivals. Investigators were able to use technology to solve some of these cases and combing through social cme locations to the people involved.

“Much of the violence is fueled by drill raps, where subjects call out opposing members and challenge them to engage in gun violence and mocking those deceased after gun violence,” Savino said.

DA Gonzalez credited people in Brownsville for providing information leading to some of the arrests .

“Removing these individuals from the community will have the desired impact of reducing people who are trigger-pullers…making Brownsville a safer place to live,” said Gonzalez.

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