3 Women Found Dead in 182nd Street Home – NBC New York

Three women were found stabbed to death in a Queens home Friday, authorities say.

Each of the victims was pronounced dead at the 182nd Street scene in Springfield Gardens shortly before 11 am They were 26, 47 and 68 years old, the police said.

The victims’ identities weren’t immediately made public, but officials said the oldest was the mother and stepmother to the 47- and 26-year-olds, respectively.

All three women had been stabbed in the neck, cops said. A home health aide helping the youngest victim, who had a disability, according to police, found the bodies.

Law enforcement converged on the area en masse, Chopper 4 video showed. The location isn’t far from JFK airport and the home officers had taped off appeared to be on a seemingly quiet residential block.

Three women were pronounced dead at the home and cops flooded the area, Chopper 4 video showed.

A senior law enforcement official with knowledge of the case says the attack appears to be domestic in nature. One of the dead women was a grandmother and cops are looking to question a relative of hers in connection with the deaths, the senior official said. There There was no known history of domestic violence at the address, the official said.

A family member is believed to have left the home around 5 am and was being sought by police for questioning, the official told News 4.

All three women were believed to have lived at the three-unit home at the time they died.

Mayor Eric Adams stopped by the scene Friday afternoon to speak to investigators as they, and family members, try to piece together what happened.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

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