Stepping into the world of hypnotherapy for the first time, I had no idea what to expect. After battling acute anxiety and depression for over 15 years and trying various therapies, I was cautiously optimistic about this new experience. The only familiarity I had with hypnosis was from its theatrical portrayal, where people danced like chickens under someone else’s control. But when the Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park offered me the chance to try their new hypnotherapy wellness experience, I saw an opportunity to address the constant stress and doubts plaguing my mind.

My meeting with Ginger Gibson, a certified hypnotherapist, was preceded by a soothing 90-minute full-body massage provided by the hotel. As my tension eased away, I felt myself becoming more receptive to the upcoming session. During our pre-session conversation, I shared my desire to find purpose, confidence, and happiness amidst the major life changes I was contemplating.

Gibson explained that hypnotherapy combines cognitive talk therapy with hypnosis, creating a deeply relaxed state known as the theta wave. In this state, the subconscious mind becomes more open to positive suggestions for change. For someone like me seeking transformation, it meant working on reducing subconscious resistance to change.

With my left arm propped on the couch armrest and my eyes closed, Gibson guided me into a hypnotic state. The experience was profound and empowering, making me realize that I remained in control of my thoughts throughout. Visualizations and deep relaxation took over, and my negative emotions began to dissipate like birds set free.

A brief coughing fit momentarily disrupted the session, but I quickly regained focus. Gibson seamlessly continued, tapping into my subconscious by using my own words from our earlier talk therapy. Every word felt purposeful, resonating deeply with my struggles and aspirations.

The session concluded after 90 minutes, leaving me feeling lighter, calmer, and more rested than ever before. The immediate effects were astonishing, but the real benefits revealed themselves over time. My confidence soared, and I embraced major life changes with gratitude and assurance. Physical changes also surfaced, as chronic stress-induced ailments like persistent coughs and acne vanished.

Two months after the session, I continue to experience the transformative effects of hypnotherapy. My purpose feels clearer than ever, and the imposter syndrome that plagued me has disappeared. The impact has been profound, far surpassing the results of years of traditional therapy.

Hypnotherapy’s efficacy was underscored by a significant study that compared cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, and hypnotherapy. The results showed hypnotherapy having a remarkable 93% recovery rate after just six sessions.

In the end, hypnotherapy proved to be the key that unlocked my mind, allowing me to step into a brighter and more fulfilling future. I’m immensely grateful for the experience and the profound positive changes it has brought to my life.