Excitement is brewing as HBO Max, now known as Max, continues to build anticipation for the upcoming second season of ‘And Just Like That…’ with yet another captivating trailer. This time, the spotlight is on Carrie Bradshaw’s path of self-discovery following Big’s tragic demise in the previous season.

As clips of the characters’ interactions with their partners play, Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie poignantly states, “You don’t move on because you’re ready to. You move on because you’ve outgrown who you used to be.” The trailer follows Carrie as she navigates various aspects of her life, embracing new experiences, like trying her hand at cooking, reminiscing over her iconic feather headpiece from her wedding, indulging in self-care with a sheet mask, and engaging in some therapeutic retail therapy.

Addressing her friends, Carrie opens up, “I thought I was doing so well. I got through that whole first year.” In a heartwarming response, Charlotte (Kristin Davis) assures her, “The way you’ve moved on, we’re so proud of you.” The teaser also offers glimpses of the evolving relationship between Che (Sara Ramírez) and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), as well as Charlotte’s family dynamics and some memorable girls’ nights out.

Carrie reflects on life’s unexpected twists, remarking, “We are blissfully unaware when our lives are about to change. And just like that, I’ve realized you never know what tomorrow will bring.” The trailer concludes with a significant moment as Carrie hits “send” on an email addressed to none other than Aidan Shaw (John Corbett).

The reunion of Carrie and Aidan has been a much-anticipated event, with previous trailers and set photos hinting at the beloved carpenter’s return. Creator Michael Patrick King put fans at ease, assuring that Aidan is not involved in any infidelity, saying, “I would not make Carrie Bradshaw a home-wrecker. That’s the biggest leak I can give you. That’s not the story. The story is [they’re] open for business. They’re both single. You know how she’s single. You don’t know how Aidan’s single.”

With this tantalizing trailer, fans are now counting down the days until the second season of ‘And Just Like That…’ hits the screens, eager to witness the next chapter in Carrie Bradshaw’s captivating journey of growth, love, and new beginnings.